Bob Galen

Meet Bob Galen – a true trailblazer in the realm of Agile leadership. With a wealth of experience, Bob’s journey is one of inspiring transformation and innovation. As a recognized thought leader, he has led the charge in shaping Agile methodologies to fit modern business landscapes.

Bob’s legacy extends across diverse sectors, from his pioneering contributions in software development to his pivotal role in organizational change. His passion for mentoring and guiding teams has led to the evolution of high-performing units that champion Agile excellence.

With a finger firmly on the pulse of Agile practices, Bob’s expertise encompasses Lean, Scrum, and Kanban, among others. His immersive training sessions have empowered countless professionals, equipping them with the tools to navigate complexities and deliver value.

Bob Galen’s impact resonates within the Agile community as he continually shares insights as an international speaker, author, and mentor. His Agile-agnostic approach reflects his dedication to customized solutions, ensuring every organization he engages with achieves its unique Agile goals.


Marco Braun

Meet Marco Braun—a Product Owner, Scrum Master, and agile enthusiast with a diverse background spanning humanities and product management. With self-taught technical skills, Marco collaborates seamlessly with agile software development teams. His experience ranges from digital marketing for SMEs to complex backend services and international real estate web applications.

Transitioning into consulting, Marco is committed to coaching teams towards customer-centricity and adaptable work practices, avoiding rigid guidelines. His agile and lean expertise shapes his flexible approach, while his contributions to global agile networks, like The Liberators Network’s German user group, showcase his commitment to the agile community.

Marco Braun personifies an agile coach and consultant who blends a broad skill set, technical acumen, and a passion for learning to drive teams towards growth and innovation.


Michael Huynh

Meet Michael Huynh: An accomplished Agile professional, adept in coaching, consulting, and training. With a background in web development and interaction design, Michael has contributed to noteworthy eLearning ventures for major financial and tech entities. His journey led him to embrace the health sector, government and consulting excelling as an Agile consultant.

As a certified Agile trainer and coach, Michael’s passion lies in nurturing high-performing teams. His expertise spans product ownership, scrum mastery, and Agile coaching and enriching agile training experiences. Proficient in Agile practices such as Scrum, Scrum@Scale, SAFe and Kanban, Michael aids organisations in overcoming complexities for smoother value delivery.

Actively engaged in the Agile community, Michael’s leadership and international speaking engagements underscore his commitment. His Agile-agnostic approach emphasises tailoring solutions to each organisation’s distinct needs, with a goal to drive cultural shifts and embed sustainable Agile practices.


Sarah El-Hagigi

Meet Sarah El-Hagagi, an Egyptian computer engineering graduate with 15 years of experience who presently works as an Agile Coach with a background in banking, healthcare, and telecommunications. She is a well-organized, active, self-starter, and team player who has worked in many fast-growing local and multinational firms using Lean and agile methodologies. She has a passion for paying it forward and giving back to the community, as well as helping individuals discover their purpose and growth. She is a lifelong learner who emphasizes self-development, since she believes that helping oneself is the best way to help others. Partnering with Agile teams to improve their dynamics and growth mindset, involvement in purpose and to enable them to own their lives autonomously triggering their thoughts to focus on goal fulfillment through powerful conversations. Ensuring consistency of adoption and continual improvement in accordance with the organization’s vision, missions, and goals. Collaborating with sponsors and leaders to create an organizational culture that allows teams to grow.


Sharmin Ghasemi

Meet Sharmin, an Agile Coach with over 20 years of leadership in high-tech domains like consumer electronics, embedded systems, and software applications, Sharmin is a catalyst for change. He guides Agile teams to self-organization, promotes Agile values across levels, and shares lean principles proactively. A lifelong learner, Sharmin mentors project teams and managers on Agile journeys. Certified as a Scrum Professional Scrum Master, he excels in collaboration, while his passion extends to new technologies and environmental preservation.



Stormy Dickson

Hi there. I’m Stormy.
I’m an RN turned Product Owner/Manager. I currently work at Microsoft as a Sr. Health IT Consultant. I am focused on the application of generative AI to healthcare where I am able to apply the knowledge I have gained throughout my career.

I am passionate about finding ways for technology to positively impact healthcare and am especially determined to learn ways to leverage AI to improve clinicians’ experience and the health of patients.

I value trust, respect, curiosity, and collaboration. I believe every problem has a solution, and every challenge is an opportunity to learn and improve. I enjoy working with people who share these values and who inspire me to continuously learn and improve in my career and be an overall better person.