Agile Books by Women

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Agile Books by Women

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You can access the list here. Last updated: October 26, 2022

It recently struck me that I wasn’t aware of agile books authored by women in our agile community. Sure, I was aware of a few, but I became curious about the number of female authors and the topics they explored.

As I began to search, I realized there were very few resources/lists on the topic. There was one list written by Julia Dellnitz, that I found. It provided some European voices that I hadn’t been exposed to – and a few others, but it was the only one.

So, I became inspired to pull together this list and to see just how many women authors I could find in our space. Thank you for that inspiration, Julia!

I think it’s a deep and rich list that’s worthy of your consideration. And I want you to join me in


these wonderful women and their contributions to our agile community.

Stay agile my friends,


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