Agile Coaching CoP Partnership Program

Agile Coaching CoP Partnership Program

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Agile Coaching in the world of Business Agility can be a uniquely challenging space. One of those challenge areas is with your Agile Coaching Communities of Practice. A group encompassing your Agile Coach and Scrum Master teams that encourages their ongoing collaboration, learning, and growth. It can be a centerpiece of your overall impact and value proposition or another boring group meeting.

Bob Galen is the author of Extraordinarily Badass Agile Coaching. He’s an accomplished coach with a long history of coaching from the team to the boardroom. His personal goal is to disrupt, challenge, and raise the professionalism and craft of Agile Coaching everywhere. And there is no better place to do it than within your Communities of Practice!

Bob can help with—

  • Setting up and kicking off your CoP.

  • Re-energizing your CoP or CoE (LACE) by bringing fresh ideas in.

  • Group and 1:1 mentoring, modeling, and coaching.

  • Providing masterclass-level training for your CoP team members.

  • Visiting periodically to keep the momentum going.

  • Assisting you in leveraging the Comparative Agility, Agile Coaching PI in your learning journeys.

  • Speaking at and participating in company-wide events.

If you need help with your Agile Coaching group practices, contact Bob to explore how he can help you and your coaches become more Badass in delivering real Value.

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