Agile to agility: Everyone…Is an Agile Coach

Agile to agility: Everyone…Is an Agile Coach

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Everyone…Is an Agile Coach To illustrate Badass coaching competencies for everyone (especially ScrumMasters).

There are perspectives that imply Agile Coaching is for a small set of specialized agilists who serve to improve everyone else. Or that it’s a unique role that others, including managers, Scrum Masters, and leaders will find difficult to impossible to master.

This talk intends to debunk those notions. Bob Galen subscribes to several generic notions in agile contexts. One is that everyone has leadership potential and can rise to be leaders. And the other, is that everyone is a coach, can coach, and has a foundational responsibility to coach, regardless of their role.

The only questions are will, skill, and experience.

In this talk, Bob will explore the nuance associated with agile coaching to demystify it and encourage you to find your inner agile coach in whatever role you currently hold. He’ll share and explore the Agile Coaching Growth Wheel as a competency model for agile coaching. Next, he explores the critical aspects of an agile coaching mindset. And finally, he’ll give you a chance to practice having a coaching conversation.

Bob hopes to inspire you so that your inner Agile Coach emerges, grows, and shines.

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