An Oasis in the Wilderness – Gustavo Razzetti

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An Oasis in the Wilderness – Gustavo Razzetti

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There are only a handful of folks in the agile community that I regularly listen to. If I see something, an article, post, or video from them, I immediately take note and read it. Nine times out of ten, it’s something that motivates, teaches, and inspires me to become better. A sampling of those people that come to mind include: 

Lyssa Adkins, John Cutler, Judy Rees, Dan Mezick, Roman Pichler, Dave Snowden, Linda Rising, Jurgen Appello, Joshua Kerievsky, and Mike Burrows.

I listen not just to learn something, but because they often disrupt my thinking and make me consider entirely new perspectives. They also seem to be leading-edge thinkers, who often challenge the status quo or shift the lens towards the future of agile ways of working. 

One of the more recent additions to my personal influencer list is Gustavo Razzetti.

I’ve been largely focused on agile leadership coaching and training for the past five to ten years and, believe it or not, I have lots of opinions when it comes to effective agile leadership. What I’ve found in Gustavo is a kindred spirit. Someone who has found a niche (culture-shaping, leadership, culture design, psychological safety, etc.) and who is deep-diving into that space and providing incredibly insightful advice.

Here’s a sample of six relatively recent articles.

  1. 4 Types of Company Culture

  2. The Four Different Leadership Styles and How to Find Yours

  3. The Assumptions You Make About People Harm Your Company Culture

  4. Better Culture Starts With Better Conversations

  5. The Always-on Culture is Harming Your Company and Why it Needs to Go

  6. The Psychological Safety Ladder Canvas


All of which moved and inspired me greatly.

One of the key contributions that Gustavo has made is the Culture Design Canvas. I wrote about my initial experience with it here. But I continue to make it a central part/tool in my Scrum Alliance CAL and my iCAgile LEA (agile leadership) classes.

As I said in the beginning, there are only a handful of folks who I count on to challenge my thinking. Gustavo is one of those and I’m grateful for him.

Stay agile my friends,


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