Belated 2020 Accomplishments

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Belated 2020 Accomplishments

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I write so often that sometimes I lose a thought or article and then find it much later. I found this one today (March 15th). Of course, I’m posting it a bit late, but as I read it, it felt it was something that should see the light of day. So, better late than never…

I saw a post on LinkedIn the other day (late in 2020) from someone who was reflecting on their 2020 accomplishments. It read—

And I’m done for 2020!! 17 CALs, 16 CSPOs, 14 CSMs, 1 book written, 1 board of directors joined, 1/2 master’s degree completed. Maybe I’ll limit my WiP in 2021.

This was from a CST and the 47 letter combinations equaled training that they had delivered.

What are the goals and accomplishments that we should be reflecting on in our agile journeys?

Is it all about us? The classes we’ve run ($$$)? The books/articles we’ve written? I’m not so sure.

And what’s up with shouting about it on LinkedIn? Is that being a role model for others?

What also struck me was the number of congratulatory comments from admirers. Many seemed enamored with the raw numbers.

As I thought about it more, I thought of my own list of accomplishments for 2020. What would I say they were? What would I highlight? What would be meaningful for me in such a tumultuous year?

Well, upon reflection, here are my 2020 accomplishments—

  • My family and I have so far survived all of the challenges. Thank God.

  • I successfully pivoted my CAL agile classes to virtual which drove most of my income.

  • I coached & helped many people who were out of work or searching for better roles.

  • I gained weight; now I’m losing weight 😉

  • I became aware of #BLM and am actively supporting various causes around diversity and inclusion. I worked hard to make as much of a difference as I can in this movement.

  • I regularly supported my local food banks.

  • My revenue fell by over 50% year over year, but we’re ok.

  • I completed my ORSC training and cohort; still working on the ORSCC certification.

  • I got the chance to work with my daughter, Rhiannon, several times. What a delight!

  • I kept my sense of humor and found a better work-life balance…finally.

  • I stopped traveling in March which helped with the balance.

  • I consistently ran the Agile Moose group as a collaborative agile space. The Moose Herd is a really cathartic space for me (and hopefully) the other Mooses.

  • I was able to continue my contributions to my charities. A favorite, far and away, is St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

  • I returned to join my friends at Zenergy Technologies. A really exciting turn of events.

  • And again, I survived. We survived. And I’m incredibly grateful for exiting 2020 safe & sound…

I’m still wondering what accomplishments to value. Which ones to question? And what changes do I want to make in 2021?

I’m not saying the LinkedIn person is wrong. The fact is, they inspired me.

I am saying that I’m wondering what to accomplish next…why it matters…and how to make a difference in the world.

Stay agile my friends,


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