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I’m getting a little tired with all of the ***Ops crap.  

I was triggered by a keynote presentation at the recent StarWest conference. It was entitled: QADevSecOps – Leading a Quality-Driven DevOps Transformation by Stacy Kirk.

The keynote was great. And Stacy did a wonderful job of telling her story. That’s not my issue with it.

It’s the title that ticked me over the edge. 

The other kicker for me was seeing something around Product Ops published by Pendo. Now it seems as if another “ops” has popped up.


I don’t need some fancy-schmancy list of letters to establish the pattern of people working together for the greater good of producing great products or applications for the clients/customers.

That should be common sense, empowered, and just happening naturally. Period!

And if you’re in an agile environment, then it should be happening even more…like every day.

Why can’t we just all get along and work together? Without having to apply a series of letters in front of OPS?

Stay agile my friends,


BTW: Here’s a great explanation of DevSecOps by RedHat –

that I thought I’d share. And here a post I’ve written previously about DevOps.

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