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Descaling Manifesto

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To be honest, I’ve been aware of and admiring Peter Merel and his work for quite some time—perhaps more than 10 years. That said, I haven’t been a consistent follower, and as I re-reviewed the Descaling Manifesto, he proposes within the XSCALE Alliance, I realized the great work he’s been doing in the agile community. Purposeful and vital work that strikes at the heart of a truly agile mindset and better ways of leading, organizing, and working.

My purpose in writing this post is to acquaint you with Peter, the alliance, and the manifesto. It also encourages you to do a deep dive into everything on the Alliance site looking for new ideas, tactics, and approaches to your scaling challenges. Perhaps in a word, leaning into descaling.

I plan on doing that myself, so look for a more detailed future update sharing my thoughts.

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