Empty Frame Metaphor

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Empty Frame Metaphor

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I’m writing this after the new 2020 Scrum Guide was announced along with a celebration of the 25th Anniversary of Scrum. 

There was quite a lot of hoopla associated with the event and the guide.

And the after-party, folks offering their interpretation of the changes within the guide, was even wilder. I swear that nearly every coach came out with a blog, whitepaper, webinar, or Q&A session to expand upon the (only 13 pages) of the Guide.

For the life of me, I’ve never seen anything like it. And I’m not implying that in a “good way”. Hey everyone, it’s a Scrum Guide. Not a new US Constitution or edition of the Bible or Harry Potter book.

But leave it to Tobias Mayer to provide some perspective on all of the hoopla. I saw this post on LinkedIn about a week after the festivities—

A frame holds the artwork, but isn’t itself the artwork. Hanging an empty frame on your wall won’t magically create an instant masterpiece. Even making the frame yourself by following instructions in the Frame Guide won’t make such magic occur. It is surprising how few people get that, and how many empty, and often poorly made frames are lying around in the corporate landscape.

WHAT a metaphor! And so meaningful and helpful to me right now.

Thank you, Tobias, for providing clarity and cutting through the hoopla!

Stay agile my friends,


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