Everyone Needs a Coach

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Everyone Needs a Coach

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The next time you’re looking to engage an agile coach, there’s an additional set of questions I want you to explore with them—

  • Do you (they) have a coach?

  • How often do you (they) meet?

  • What are you (they) currently working on in your journey?

  • What was the last crucial conversation you (they) had with your coach like?

  • Reflecting on your being coached journey, how coachable are you? What are the keys to your being coachable?

What I’m asking you to explore is their personal coaching journey. I feel that most agile coaches are comfortable coaching. But the counterpoint, being coached and being coachable, are often a different question. I guess it’s the age-old challenge of telling being easy and receiving being much harder.

I was inspired by this article by Barry O’Reilly – Everyone Needs a Coach.

The other side of this is exploring my own vulnerability on the matter. As I’m in need of a coach myself. I find it challenging at times to find one who can align with me and where I’m at in my own journey. 

Over the years, I haven’t always had a coach. Although I’m often collaborating with agile colleagues, so I get quite a bit of coaching by pairing and collaborating. That being said, I often (like now) find myself in need of coaching.

I think of it as—

  • Having a mentor

  • Having a sounding board

  • Having a mirror for my blind spots

  • Having someone who will tell me the truth

  • Having someone who is focused on my development

  • Having someone who I trust

So, if you’re interested in helping a mature, slightly curmudgeonly, and quite opinionated agile coach continue to find his way, then please reach out to me. I’d love to explore how we might create a space where I can discover who I am and what I’m capable of in this wonderful journey called agile coaching.

But be warned, I’m still working on…coachability 😉

Stay agile my friends,


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