Finally – Shining a Light on Badass Agile Coaches

Finally – Shining a Light on Badass Agile Coaches

I’ve been a Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC) since 2012. It’s one of two coaching certification levels, the other is Certified Team Coach (CTC), which are sponsored by the Scrum Alliance as part of their guide-level certifications. The other guide level is the Certified Scrum Trainer (CST). 

Over the years, I’ve been frustrated with the Scrum Alliance because they’ve done a mediocre-to-poor job of shining a light on the CEC & CTC coaching communities. As of this writing, there are 140 CEC’s and 237 CTC’s in the world, compared to 277 CST’s.

The Scrum Alliance has always leaned more heavily into supporting the CST’s. My guess is because of the part they play in granting certifications and driving revenue. But that being said, and I’m probably a wee bit biased, I’ve always felt that the coaches are equally as or even more critical to achieving the overarching goals of the Alliance than the CST’s.

I can hear you ask—but Bob, if you’re so frustrated, why have you continued with your CEC certification?

Well, it’s because of the CTC & CEC coaching community- the wonderful people in that tribe. You see, the certifications are pretty rigorous and challenging. They attract some of the best coaches and challenge them to grow and evolve even more. The CTC & CEC community is one that I’m proud to be a part of, support, and collaborate within. It’s also a well-intentioned group that strives to walk its talk every day.

The problem is that I don’t think the world is aware of our coaches, their potential, their skill & competence, and the difference they can make in evolving organizations and teams toward agile working methods. The Scrum Alliance hasn’t helped much in marketing and communicating our differentiation and impact. Essentially, it’s up to each coach to do that alone, which is quite a challenge to put on them.

Now I sound like I’m grumbling, and I am, but I want to turn myself around and highlight a recent initiative that has genuinely warmed my heart.

Angel Diaz-Maroto has initiated an effort called the Agile Coaches Alliance. It’s a wonderful place where Scrum Alliance CEC’s and CTC are showcased and where their impact to teams and organizations can be identified and appreciated.

And, yes, I’ve recently joined ACA, but I’m writing this piece independently out of appreciation for the initiative Angel demonstrated in providing a stage for my tribe.

What does the ACA do?

  1. It showcases our Scrum Alliance CEC & CTC coaches. Giving them a bit of a stage to broaden and deepen community and business awareness of their capabilities.

  2. It showcases the coaches’ impact by supporting their client accreditations. These are either Team-based or Organization-based. It’s not a certification but a public acknowledgment of the coach’s impact and their client’s progress.

Simple, right? Transparent, right? Powerful, right?

I hope to see other initiatives like this emerge that amplify the profession of agile coaching, share the capabilities of skilled individual coaches, and communicate the impact that Badass Coaches can have on the world of work.

Thank you, Angel!

If you’re a CEC or CTC in my network, please consider joining the Agile Coaching Alliance. As of my writing this post, there are 52 coaches in the ACA. Many of them I know personally and admire greatly.

If you’re already in the Agile Coaching Alliance, please invite other coaches AND share it in your professional and business circles.

And if you’re a client (individual, team, organization, group) looking for an outstanding agile coach, consider reviewing the coaches that are part of the Agile Coaching Alliance.

Stay agile my friends,


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