Fireside Chats with the Moose

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Fireside Chats with the Moose

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In 2019 I was invited to do a fireside chat at the AgileDev conference in Vegas. The idea was to invite—

  • A wizened vet from the agile movement,

  • Someone with deep & broad experience, and

  • Someone with some opinions to share.

Check, check, and check. And have some folks ask them questions. About anything. I think the idea was borrowed from the Agile Conference where they had invited some incredible agile folks into these sorts of sessions.

There were some “ringers” in the audience, thank you Chris Murman, and some of the questions made me quite emotional. There may have even been a few tears.

As part of my Agile Moose Herd activity, I recently had the idea to do a Fireside Chat once a month and see what the interest level was and value might be. An experiment if you will…

So, to that end, I invite everyone & anyone to come to A Fireside Chat series with Bob Galen. Bring what’s on your mind from an agile perspective, Ask Me Anything, and we can see where the conversation goes. As my buddy Josh Anderson likes to remind me, I’m rarely (never) at a loss for words.

Hopefully, we can have some rich discussions and a bit of fun while doing so. I’d be honored if you could join us…

  • October 8th

  • November 11th

  • December 9th

Please note: each chat is limited to 10 attendees so that the discussions can be more focused & personal. If you’d like to join me, please register here to attend one or more chats.

Stay agile my friends,


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