Hippie Agilist

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Hippie Agilist

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The other day in my Moose Herd someone called me a Hippie Agilist.

As someone who grew up in the late ’60s and early ’70s, I resonated with the description. But as I thought about it, I don’t know what they were saying. Nor do I know whether it’s a “good” or “bad” description of me.  And I didn’t ask them what they meant by it.

So, I’m going to ask my readers, Y’All, to please answer the following questions via comments—

  1. What is a Hippie Agilist?

  2. Do I strike you as one of those?

  3. And if so, why?

Let’s see how this goes…

Stay agile my friends,


BTW and for the record, I have owned peace signs and tie-dyed clothing.

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