I don’t see HOW this HELPS?

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I don’t see HOW this HELPS?

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I became aware of Neil on Software just the other day via a LinkedIn post from a colleague. He referenced the “How to Deal with Difficult People on Software Projects” work that Neil has shared. I went through it a bit and I need some of your help.  


Because I simply don’t get the value. Yes, it’s—

But is it helpful? I’m struggling with that.

Is it helpful to stereotype people in software projects? To put them in boxes and categorize them?

When people are incredibly complex beings in themselves. And, it’s not just that individual complexity that I find unique and uncategorizable, but nobody works in a vacuum. Individuals are part of organizational systems. With all of the increased complexity that it brings to bear.

Is it helpful in guiding my individual learning and growth? Is it helpful in guiding my interaction in organizational systems? And, importantly to me, is it helpful in meeting people where they are and with respect?

Perhaps you can help me in the comments on this post. Because right now, I’m pretty well triggered and not getting the value proposition…

Stay agile my friends,



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