If you build it, they will come

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If you build it, they will come

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Or a corollary to the title,

If you respectfully invite your teams, your groups, and your organizations into an agile way of operating, they will come.

In this case, invitation over imposition.

I’ve written about this notion quite a few times before. You see, I believe the world of agile (Business Agility, DevOps, going Agile, Scaling, etc.) is rife with imposition. Folks are being TOLD to be agile and they’re struggling with how to operate in that prescriptive, demanding ecosystem.

And largely, it’s not working. They’re not instantaneously becoming agile. Imagine that?

It turns out that a much more effective stance is inviting folks. But it’s scary, because what if they don’t or won’t come? Then what do we do?

Effectively making this transition is a mindset shift for most of us. Particularly for those in leadership positions. So, it’s much easier said than done. And we’re only done when we’re actually walking the talk of invitation. So, we need tools and techniques that help us to open the space for the invitation.

There’s a wonderful opportunity coming up on Tampa Florida called the Open Leadership Symposium that is a gathering of folks who will be exploring this and other notions of changing our leadership approach towards agility. It’s being held on February 4th – 6th.

You can find more information about it here – https://openleadershipnetwork.com/events/2020-tampa/

And, if you use Discount Code: BOBGALEN, you’ll get 50% off attending one, two, or all three days of the event. 

I’m going and I hope to see Y’all there as well.

Stay agile my friends,


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