I’m a quitter too

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I’m a quitter too

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I saw this post from Bob Gower the other day about being a quitter and it inspired me to write this post. 

I’m closing in on a 40+ year career. 1981 – 2023

  • I’ve had ~ 15 jobs in those 40 years.

  • I’ve been laid off twice.

  • I’ve been ugly-fired once. Don’t ask.

  • I’ve quit, without having a backup job, ~5 times.

  • My longest run at one job was ~10 years; my shortest run was ~5-days.

  • I’ve demoted myself twice.

  • I’ve reorganized myself out of a job at least once.

  • I’ve hired my replacement at least 5 times.

  1. My tolerance for corporate bullshit was much greater early in my career.

  2. One consistent theme is that I’ve reflected on each and every job and the drivers for my leaving, and that’s made each step or pivot better for me as I’ve learned, adapted, and grown.

  3. I’ve learned to blame myself less and less for the driving forces behind my decisions.

  4. Looking back, I’m incredibly thankful for the entirety of the ride. It’s made me who and what I am. It’s also made me much more resilient.

I just want to thank Bob Glower for his courageous role model and inspiration. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have taken this powerful trip back to memory lane.

Stay agile my friends,


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