Interesting “Mergers” in the Agile Community

Interesting “Mergers” in the Agile Community

You are currently viewing Interesting “Mergers” in the Agile Community

There have been 4 mergers in the last few weeks in the agile community that I thought I’d mention:

  1. Big Visible (Boston) merged with SolutionsIQ (Portland, OR)
  2. cPrime (CA) merged with Alten Group (Europe)
  3. ScrumSense (South Africa) merged with Agile42 (Europe, North America)
  4. Agile for All (Colorado) merged with Action and Influence (Atlanta)

I thought it was very interesting to see this sort of consolidation in this space. While they’re all interesting, the Big Visible + SolutionsIQ move is probably the largest in pure agile coaching and agile training mass.

I’d say there is probably more movement in the future as smaller players consolidate to increase their brand awareness and depth/breadth of capabilities.

Any guesses as to who might be next? Is this good, bad, or something in between for the agile community?

Stay agile my friends,


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