IP Awareness

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IP Awareness

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As an independent agile consultant, I’ve found that my IP is something that I’ve got to be aware of and careful with. While it’s not something I often think about, I should.  

You’re IP is sort of like cash in your bank account. You should be aware of it and take care of it with that same intent.

Johanna Rothman recently wrote an article that speaks to aspects of your IP, including:

  • Your writing (books, articles, blogs)

  • Your podcasts

  • Your videos/recordings

  • The materials you use in your classes

It’s also important to manage these during your career journey. For example, if I were to choose to return as a full-time employee for a company, there would be IP language in my employee agreement. Usually that language isn’t just a forward-looking. Instead, it often attempts to cover all of your IP. So, you have to be careful in reviewing and negotiating different language that narrows the IP.

For example, what if you’re blogging while under employment. Whose IP is it? Anyway, if you’re producing any IP that covers anything about agile, this is food for thought for you.

Stay agile my friends!


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