Is Getting Fired the Goal?

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Is Getting Fired the Goal?

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I almost always make this disclaimer in my agile classes for Scrum Master and Coaching roles. Yes, we want to be principled and challenge the organizations in our Agile Coaching, Scrum Mastery, and Product Ownership. But only up to a point.  

An agile change agent who is fired doesn’t do themselves or the organization any good. So, some cultural, political, and situational awareness is important. No, required, in these roles.

So, I was a little taken aback when I read this article by Simon Kneafsey on The title is—How I got Fired as a Scrum Master.

Not that I’m naïve and believe that it doesn’t happen. But there was almost an inevitability or normalcy flavor to the article that I wanted to poke at a bit.

I also think it’s important to discern when it’s time for you to leave and to proactively negotiate and navigate your departure versus being surprised by being fired.

This starts with your situational awareness and self-awareness of your fit within your role and within the overall culture. The following Meta-cast podcasts explore aspects of:

  • Discovering when it’s time to leave

  • Facing your fears and complacency in moving on

  • Finding that next, great role

  • Learning how to enter that new role successfully

You can listen to them in any order individually, but I think the following might be the best order for the series…

So, I wanted to speak to the question in the title. Is getting fired the goal? Of course not. And I don’t believe that’s what Simon was implying.

But what is the goal?

To find good work in these roles where you’re appreciated, learning, growing, and making a valuable and positive impact. If that’s not happening, then realize it and create opportunities where you can find joyful work elsewhere.

I hope you’ll take the time to review the podcasts as I think there are some useful navigational nuggets in them.  

Stay agile my friends,


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