It’s Just Lunch

It’s Just Lunch

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Potential clients often approach me with an immediate request for coaching. Usually they’ve attended one of my classes or heard about me from a colleague. Literally 90% of my business comes from these two sources.

Now usually they’re in a hurry to get me in. Often they want me to “drop everything” and come in for emergency agile training / coaching within a few weeks. I have to explain to them that my pipeline is usually fully engaged 3-4 months in advance, particularly for longer engagements.

Quite often I’ll try to recommend a solid colleague, but they often have the same constraints as I do. So the client usually will schedule something and wait. Often that waiting interval will allow “things” to calm down and for us to better plan our engagement.

Now this is something I do that on the surface might appear strange. Instead of diving in and immediately signing a contract based on a few email, phone conversations, or videoconferences; I like to schedule something I call – It’s Just Lunch.

I’ve found that a successful agile coaching relationship and partnership requires getting to know prospective clients. And the best way to do that is via face-to-face conversations.

I think I’ve heard that somewhere in my agile journey 😉

The IJL is a 1-day visit I make to the prospective client in order for us to get to know one another. I usually offer a team-wide workshop and some point coaching. It’s done for free and all I ask is that the potential client pick up the tab for travel expenses.

What’s in it for the client is some free coaching & training as well as checking to see if I am compatible with their culture, strategies, and team. What’s in it for me is that I gain information on the clients’ true needs as well as assessing their current state of agility and their intentions around becoming seriously agile.

I think it’s a win-win for both of us.

Here’s a link to a better description of IJL. If you’re thinking of engaging RGCG, this is a great way to get to know us. And remember, it’s just lunch.

Stay agile my friends,


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