Kudos to Richard

Kudos to Richard

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Richard Khor is a young ScrumMaster who works with my buddy Josh Anderson over at Dude Solutions.

Josh has been there for a couple of years and is building some kick-butt agile teams leveraging the Spotify models. I’ve been doing a podcast called the Meta-cast with Josh for over 5 years and we’ve talked about everything we can think of around agile software development.

But enough about Josh and I.

In recent Meta-casts we’ve talked about Richard and the example he’s setting as a ScrumMaster. You see Richard is “becoming” a great ScrumMaster, not only by training, but also by his mindset, instincts, and actions. He’s also shown initiative in the local agile community by leading a ScrumMaster Focus Group meeting for our local ALN chapter.

This Meta-cast is particularly interesting and inspired by Richards journey and example:


Richard blogs here: https://richardlckhor.wordpress.com/

and in a recent blog post, he published an end of year (2015) retrospective on his learning’s.

Walking the talk…how cool is that!!!

I’d recommend you read the retrospective as Richard shares some very mature and subtle insights into true agility. Here are a couple I gleaned from the post:

  • How mature and conversely how immature agile and Scrum still are;
  • Listen more and trust the team more;
  • Sequencing instead of prioritization (I like this thought a lot!);
  • That we still have work to do to “connect to” leadership in agile transformations.

He’s also inspired me to do my own retrospective this year. Not sure whether I’ll publish it, but I might.

Richard you Rock! Stay agile my friend,


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