Leaders…Are you Kind?

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Leaders…Are you Kind?

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I read this short post by Cristin Hernandez on LinkedIn.


And was inspired by it.

Cristin offered the following list for leaders:

  • A person can be kind and still be pragmatic. 

  • A person can be kind and still earn respect.

  • A person can be kind and still be ok with not pleasing everyone.

  • A person can be kind and still be credible.

  • A person can be kind and still have deeply candid discussions.

  • A person can be kind and still be committed to company goals.

  • A person can be kind and still make difficult decisions.

And she alluded to today’s leaders need to be moving towards a view where vulnerability, bringing one’s whole self, personalization, transparency, and yes, kindness are more practiced skills.

I want to recommend you read the article. But I also recommend you reflect on the kindnesses you’ve been sharing as a leader. I think kindness starts with consciously being aware of it and looking for opportunities every day to share it.

And from an agile perspective to including the following in your kindnesses:

  • Share the kindness of inviting your teams into agility

  • Share the kindness of creating safety

  • Share the kindness of walking your talk

  • Share the kindness of being transparent

  • Share the kindness of having crucial conversations

  • Share the kindness of trusting your teams

  • Share the kindness of creating an aligned leadership team

  • Share the kindness of communicating goals via storytelling

  • Share the kindness of self-learning and self-care

  • Share the kindness of showing vulnerability

  • Share the kindness of modeling the behavior you wish for the organization & culture.

Stay agile my friends,


As an aside, I like some of the quotes in this article and thought I’d share it –https://www.inc.com/peter-economy/25-quotes-about-kindness-that-will-inspire-you-to-make-a-difference-and-be-happy.html

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