Looking for Production Help with our Meta-cast

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Looking for Production Help with our Meta-cast

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Josh Anderson and I have been doing the Meta-cast for 10+ years. And it’s been a labor of love for the two of us to “give back” to our agile community. Most (all) of the production effort has fallen to Josh, which Bob realizes is totally unfair. And it’s time-consuming.

Josh and I have often talked about taking the Meta-cast “up a level” in a variety of ways, but we both lack the time. But the other day we had an epiphany. Why not ask folks for help? So, here we are…we need your help.

  • Help with the editing of new episodes

  • Posting new episodes with related links and content

  • Transcribing new episodes


  • Helping us figure out how to better activate our Agile Podcast Network

  • Increase our Patreon funding

  • Help us with monetizing our content

    • Transcriptions, English and others

    • Capturing themes & bundling

    • Reordering content

    • Re-edit / improve content

    • Marketing the value

  • Helping us on the Diversity & Inclusion front

Frankly, we’re not quite sure. But we think…

  • Getting the chance to work with us in crafting the go-forward nature of the Meta-cast

  • Getting a chance to work with 2 (arguably fun) agile experts—learning and growing

  • If we generate sufficient revenue, we’ll come up with some sort of sharing model

We’re looking for serious help. Please don’t reply if you don’t have the time to commit and the passion to be a part of something that can be BIGGER than it is now. Please reach out to Bob Galen and/or Josh Anderson with your interest and any questions… 

Come be a part of…The Meta-cast!

Josh & Bob

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