Production Ready, Working Software that Customers Love

Production Ready, Working Software that Customers Love

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In my daily wanderings, I have been trying to determine a succinct way to think of and describe what successful Agility is at its core and how can we simplify our approach to getting to that goal.  My answer is the following, at the end of every Sprint we should have:

“Production Ready, Working Software that Customers Love.”

In a nutshell, that is what I have reduced my pursuit to.   With that said, I am not sure this approach is perfect, or even the right way to look at things, but for now, for me, it works.

In order to get to this goal, we need to be flawless in our execution of MVP and Scrum, we need to have Smart Automation in every logical place like testing and pipelines.  We need to build strong Stable Teams and help form a Community of Learning among those teams.  Finally, help teams understand that if we don’t have immaculate quality in the software – the rest does not matter.

My role in this? – Create an environment in which these things can thrive and as I am learning, try to be the Humble Gardener.

Now I am not sure if by doing all of this perfectly we will reach all of our goals, but it seems to me that we will make progress in the right direction.

Please share your thoughts – I would love to see an energized discussion on this perspective.

Thanks All!


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