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I was talking with my friend Josh Anderson on our Meta-cast the other day and he brought up the notion of having a “read me” file which contained information for his team about him.

Mostly the idea is to share collaborative information to make it more transparent and easier for his team members to 

  • Generally, understand him and get to know him;

  • Know how to get his attention;

  • Figure out how he processes information;

  • Share some personal information.

I believe part of the genesis of the idea comes from collaborative projects and repositories like GitHub.

Josh shared his ReadMe with me and I found it quite useful.

I also found this article which has quite a few examples from real people –

And I thought I’d give it a go for myself. While it isn’t exhaustive, it does make transparent some of my tendencies…

Here’s my first attempt at a ReadME

I’ll let you know in a later post whether it seems as if this level of transparency and insight helps people “connect” with me better.

Stay agile my friends,



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