Show value as an agile coach with Bob Galen

Show value as an agile coach with Bob Galen

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On June 30th we’re very excited to reveal we’ll be joined by Agile Practitioner, Trainer & Coach, Bob Galen, to discuss some of the hard-hitting issues affecting Agilists today, as well as how to tackle them. Bob has been working in the Agile world for around 25 years now, having published numerous books in this time (including the critically acclaimed ‘Extraordinarily Badass Agile Coaching: The Journey from Beginner to Mastery and Beyond’), so we can’t wait for him to join us.

Some of the biggest questions facing agile coaches today, whether external consultants/contractors or internal employees; Coaches, ScrumMasters, or leaders are—

  • What do you actually do as a coach?
  • What difference are you making? What is your value?
  • How do I measure your impact?
  • Why do I need you as my coach?
  • Do I really need your role in my organization?

Challenging questions to answer, right?

The premise of this talk is that most coaches are fundamentally unprepared to answer them. That is, many of us struggle to communicate our value, while not appearing self-centered or braggadocios.

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