Some things are more important than “Agile”

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Some things are more important than “Agile”

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This article was inspired by this quote I saw when Judge Ruth Bader-Ginsburg passed away… 

This quote is from Judge Jeffrey Sutton and shared by Christopher K. Scalia—

During one of my last visits with Justice Scalia, I saw striking evidence of the Scalia-Ginsburg relationship. As I got up to leave his chambers, he pointed to two dozen roses on his table and noted that he needed to take them down to “Ruth” for her birthday. “Wow,” I said, “I doubt I have given a total of twenty-four roses to my wife in thirty years of marriage.” “You ought to try it sometime,” he retorted. Unwilling to give him the last word, I pushed back: “So what good have all these roses done for you? Name one five-four case of any significance where you got Justice Ginsburg’s vote.”

“Some things,” he answered, “are more important than votes.”

RIP your honor.

And it made me think deeply about what is more important to me than “Agile”. And if you’ve followed me at all, you know that I’ve been passionate about all things agile for decades. But I discovered that there are things more important to me than it (Agile)…and I thought I’d share some of them—

  • My family; Diane, my kids, and my grandchildren.

  • My legacy; the seeds I’ve planted, and touching people’s lives.

  • Extending a hand, being kind and giving back.

  • My few, close friends.

  • My relationship with God.

  • Diversity & Inclusion; BLM and personally taking action.

  • Seeing people learn, grow, and experience greatness.

  • The band Rush; RIP Neal Peart.

  • The greeting and companionship of a good dog (and they’re all good).

  • Gaining joy and perspective from an agile mindset.

  • My hopes for the future.

  • How I treat every person I meet no matter how different we are.

  • Walking my talk and leading by example.

  • Embracing each day and being incredibly thankful for it.

  • A hug, a bad joke, a wistful moment, the sound of waves crashing onshore.

  • Time for quiet reflection.

  • Reading a good (almost any) fantasy book or series.

  • Movies that have brought me to tears (Apollo 13 😉

  • Leaving the world, a better place for our children.

Much more important! Now I need to remind myself of these each and every day…

Stay agile my friends,


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