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Something Magical!

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A group of powerful and courageous women emerged from the recent 2022 Agile Conference in Nashville.

There was a panel discussion towards the end of the conference which focused on – It Was Never Just About Software – Agile and Our Planetary Challenges.

The panel was moderated by Lyssa Adkins, yes, that Lyssa Adkins. The panel was composed of 5 amazing women within our agile community –

  • Aanu Gopald,

  • Sally Elatta,

  • Joanne Stone,

  • Pia Fåk Sunnanbo, and

  • Jutta Eckstein.

I personally know Aanu, Joanne, and Jutta. I know of Sally and I’ve just met Pia via the panel. But I admire and respect all of them for their focus on things that matter more than “agile”.

I consider ALL of these wonderful women as my heroes. Not just for courageously speaking and engaging at the conference, but for the difference each of them is making in the world.

You can read a bit more about the contribution each of them has and is making towards making the world a better place here—

Of particular interest to me is the work that Aanu is doing via Africa Agility that is making a difference, a huge difference, in the lives of young women in Nigeria. So, much so that I’ve tried to be an active supporter of the initiative.

Ladies, you are My Heroes. Continue to be role models—showing us the art of the possible from within our agile community.

Stay agile my friends,


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