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Special Guest Bob Galen.

It’s kind of interesting, right when we should all be more accepting of others if you’re an NJ or a rare personality type everyone always asks you to give up your personality and be more like theirs instead of being accepting, and then they ask you to be accepting of them, which I always thought was kind of interesting.

If you know you’re an introvert you can still speak in public you can still go to parties, you just have to know that you need a place to recharge afterward.

Charging your energy:
Take the time to recharge right making sure that you reserve time, or you’re really being self-aware so that you’re you know sort of balancing that what tips did you use to finally get to be able to do public speaking or are you always good at public speaking.

Coaching Growth Wheel:
I created a volunteer group in the scrum alliance to start evolving the wheel, and I reached out to comparative agility is an assessment framework and one of the new things he’s evolving is these personal improvement assessments and there’s one for scrum master, and one for scrum master one for product owner which the scrum alliance sponsored, and they’re free.

Go take that survey, create your journey map and uh become the coach that you want to become.

Continuous Development:
Don’t get full of yourself, realize it’s a continuous journey. Be reflective, be willing to empty your cup, always realize that there is more to know. Don’t get stuck in your solutions or your tactics or your tools, empty your cup and then go out in the community, get mentoring and then refill your cup.

It can be a wonderful journey if you play the game in the right way.

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