Spending Your Own Life’s Energy

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Spending Your Own Life’s Energy

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Oluf Nissen posted the following on LinkedIn:

I think I’ve figured out why I have a certain distaste for both consulting companies and American-style capitalism. Both are essentially about not spending your own life energy to get a “return”, but benefiting from others’ life energy being spent continuously for your “return” or reusing life energy spent by someone else in the past. It’s sort of the ultimate inequity. And both are essentially lazy. And don’t get me wrong, I love lazy. Just not this kind. Expressing this distaste has limited my career options in the past. So, this is quite risky for me to put out there. 

And I thought I’d share it as a thought experiment for everyone.

I’ve been mulling it over ever since I read the post. It’s made me think of:

  • Where am I spending my life’s energy?

  • Am I getting the returns I expected from those investments?

  • Am I using/reusing others’ life energy without care, awareness, intention, or appreciation?

  • Do I need to increase, decrease, or renew any of the above?

I think these thoughts align with a post I did a while back about bullets. You might want to read that one as well.

Where are you spending your life’s energy and are you being lazy with others’ energy?

Stay agile (and energetic) my friends,


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