Spotify, Very interesting…

Spotify, Very interesting…

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My friend Josh Anderson has been studying and following Spotify’s approaches to agile team and organizational structure, both in general and in his leadership role at Dude Solutions. I’ve been interested in what they’re doing as well, but I don’t have the “playground” that Josh has.

I thought I’d consolidate some links to Spotify’s journey here.

To be honest, I’m not as enamored with Spotify as Josh is. It’s not that they aren’t doing really cool things. It’s that quite a few of my peers in the agile community are chasing Spotify’s version of agile scaling and operational dynamics as, dare I say it, a Shiny Object.

Not Josh, but many, many others.

So it’s with some hesitancy that I pulled all of these links together. I think Spotify has an interesting approach for their context. Will it necessarily work in yours? Probably not. But the ideas are new, fresh, and…very interesting.

But use them with context-based thinking and caution…

Article by Henrik Kniberg and Anders Ivarsson (October 2012) –

And an associated slide deck –

Video from Joakim Sunden and Anders Ivarsson at LeanKanban North America conference in February 2014 –

Kevin Goldsmith shares his thoughts on the usability of the Spotify structures in general –

Leadership at Spotify –

Spotify Engineering Culture

·       Part 1 –

·       Part 2 –

Joakim Sunden shares an entire “daily series” on the role and life of the Agile Coach at Spotify –

Henrik Kniberg interview on –

Metrics –

Stay agile my friends,


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