Stay agile my friends

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Stay agile my friends

I’ve used this tagline for quite a while. I’m thinking for over 10 years now. I don’t think I ever explained the backstory for it and will do so now. 

I was influenced by the old Corona beer commercial where the actor closed each commercial with the line—

Stay thirsty my friends

And it made sense to me to end each post with a similar bit of encouragement from an agile perspective.

I’m writing this because it seems like our current global context for agility has never been more challenging. Yet, the notion of

Stay agile my friends

Has never been more relevant. But what is my intention and meaning behind it? Amongst many things, it implies to me—

  • Supporting little ‘a’ agile over big ‘A’ agile

  • Walking our talk, principles, and shaping our cultures

  • Understanding it less about methods or frameworks and more about mindset

  • Encouraging respectful debate

  • Having respect for managers and leaders

  • Less interested in certifications and more in experience

  • Interested in descaling and simplicity

  • Realization that people are the value proposition

  • Encouraging leaders to create an ecosystem for teams to do great work

  • Respecting those who have come before us; we’re growing on the shoulders of giants

  • Realizing that what we do is so much more important than what we say

  • Encouraging diversity and inclusion…everywhere!

  • Staying humble and curious

  • Building and positively contributing to our wonderful community

  • Realizing that the essence of agile and agility never becomes old or needs replacing.

Of course, this list isn’t exhaustive. But I think you get my intent behind the tagline.

What might you add to it?

I will continue to use it to close my writing no matter what occurs in our space because, for me, agile is so much more than what many teach, speak about, or exemplify. So, wait for it, wait for it…

Stay agile my friends,



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