Stop Reacting

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Stop Reacting

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I find myself and so many others, when confronted with something, we immediately begin reacting. And it’s made me think there is an alternative reaction to immediate action. That we have the option to focus on creativity, thoughtfulness, and the power of slowing down. For example—

  • Stop immediately going into problem-solving or solutioning mode;

  • Stop immediately going into fixing mode; and

  • Stop immediately going into directing mode.

And instead, take more time—

  • For balanced consideration

  • To ideate

  • To noodle

  • For creating and exploring options

  • To consider consequences, pros/cons

  • To view things from a wide variety of perspectives

This connects to Weinberg’s Rule of 3.

So, the next time there is an emergency, the shit is hitting the fan, or your boss is asking for immediate action or solution…

Stop, Pause, Breathe, and then Slow Down!

You just might find yourself reacting with better results…

Stay agile my friends,


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