Meetup: Fireside Chat with Bob Galen & Mark Summers about Agile Coaching Meetup: Fireside Chat with Bob Galen & Mark Summers about Agile Coaching. agile coaching is a deep and broad, practiced skill that requires the ability to apply a wide variety of stances in service to your clients. It’s not a one-skill or one competency role. And that’s why they’ve: · Developed a book focused on Agile Coaching that will be published in January 2022 · Volunteered as part of the community group developing v2 of the Agile Coaching Growth Wheel with the Scrum Alliance. · And have worked with Comparative Agility to develop the Agile Coaching PI that we’re so excited about. Given this, we thought we’d invite you to a series of Fireside Chats / Ask Us Anything sessions where we explore your hairiest, thorniest, and gnarliest agile coaching questions. Here are some sample themes we might explore: · The Agile Coaching Growth Wheel as a model for your coaching competency development. · How to handle specific coaching scenarios ( team to leadership to organizational) that you are challenged with. · How to navigate the agile coaching workshops and certification paths. · Specific skills and tactics for approaching coaching teams, leaders, and organizations. · And anything else that’s on your mind.