Thank you, Josh Anderson

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Thank you, Josh Anderson

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Let me start by saying Josh is going to hate this. He really doesn’t like it when I celebrate, appreciate, or applaud him. Is it humility, shyness, or something else? We’ll never know. So, I apologize for it in advance, Josh. 

I was listening to the 173rd episode of the Meta-cast today where Josh and I are talking about “hard bits” in our leadership and agile journeys. And something struck me…hard!

Josh is a great partner. He…

  • Listens to me and injects really wonderful points when I’m taking a breath;

  • Has grown SO MUCH over the 10+ years of the Meta-cast;

  • Takes feedback like a sponge (a good thing) and importantly, internalizes it and acts on it;

  • Is patient with me and respectful of me (no easy task);

  • Has wonderful agile chops and experience to share. He’s just so well-rounded!

  • A courageous agile leader who walks his talk (when so few do)…always;

  • Is committed to his family and makes them central in his life;

  • Shows vulnerability all of the time, admitting his mistakes and humanness;

  • Allows me to have the perception of control in the Meta-cast, when he really is the producer.

Yes, I have a bromance with Josh Anderson. And it’s because of how real, genuine, and nice he is.

Beyond everything, Josh is kind and genuinely cares for others. Joshua Anderson, my life is so much richer because of you and I appreciate you each and every day.

Now, if I could only get you to regularly plan for the Meta-cast…

Happy birthday, Josh (8/18), stay agile my friends, and stay agile Josh,


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