The Career Goals Curve

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The Career Goals Curve

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I saw this picture on LinkedIn and it relates to one of the metaphors or thinking models I’ve often shared with folks who I coach around their careers. It’s called Ikigai and I’ll ask you to explore more about it here.

It’s simple really.

Early in my career (in many careers) I’ve seen the focus lean into—

Ikigai – what you can get paid for and what you become good at. You’re growing your skills, gaining confidence and ability, and broadening your network and experience.

Sometimes folks feel bad about leaning so hard into the money. I actually think it’s a natural leanage, but everyone needs to find their own balance.

Then, later in my career, now, for instance, I find myself leaning less towards the money and growing or broadening my skills and more so leaning into—

Ikigai – what makes a difference in the world, what gives me joy, and focusing on my central purpose for being.

Another part of this is considering my legacy or what am I leaving behind?  And finally, who am I surrounding myself with?

When I saw this curve from Corporate Rebels, I thought I’d share it with you. Of course, there is nothing standard in this change or pivot. Some people make it quicker or earlier in their lives. Others, like me, take more time to do it. And still, others, don’t make it at all. And that’s all fine

Along with the related links in the hope that the curve might inspire you to reflect, consider, and perhaps (re) find your way…

Stay agile my friends,


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