You’re WRONG, Jeff!

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You’re WRONG, Jeff!

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I saw this post from Jeff Gothelf. 

In which he says that Fixed Time & Scope projects end in one of 3-ways:

  1. We move the deadline

  2. We reduce scope

  3. We implement “crunch mode”, everybody puts in 80-hour weeks till the deadline, burns out, quits and goes to work somewhere else.

I want to respond to Jeff’s thoughts…

First, option #3 is was coined by Ed Yourdon as a Death March. I personally like the imagery that inspires.

Second, I agree 100% with his 3-alternatives. They seem almost as absolute as gravity in software projects.

But he goes on in the article to make the point that Product Management is primarily responsible for these problems.  

I want to respond to Jeff that this is NOT a product management problem. Sure, product management (and managers) could have leveraged some techniques to mitigate or reduce these reactions. But they are not the root problem!

  1. It’s a Leadership & Management problem

  2. It’s a Cultural problem

  3. It’s a Behavioral problem

For me, these reactions reflect on poor leadership. Leadership that looks at projects as something to execute. That doesn’t consider the people as valuable, but instead views their teams as resources. Leadership that lacks discipline.

It reflects a lack of effective prioritization, valuation, and decision-making. It’s weak and simplistic. It’s ineffective and impacts human lives.

It’s outdated, inhumane, and flawed leadership and the leaders who encourage, force or manipulate this sort of reaction should be asked to join their teams and experience the “march” themselves.


Stay agile my friends,


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